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Pneumatic conveying system – Pneumatic conveyor is an efficient method of handling and transporting diverse bulk granular and powdered materials with less spillage, hygiene, and low maintenance than other systems.

Benefits of Pneumatic Conveying System

A pneumatic conveying system operates by air blow to transport products. It is appropriate for a variety of process sectors, including food and beverage, pet food, chemicals and detergents, renewables, and specialist materials. The flowing conveying air sends a propulsive force to move bulk material through the conveying line. This necessitates a pressure differential between the pipeline’s start and finish, which is normally addressed by using compressors or conveying blowers.


ALTOMECH PRIVATE LIMITED  Equipped with control panels customizable

ALTOMECH PRIVATE LIMITED  Fine filtration and a safe working environment

ALTOMECH PRIVATE LIMITED  Modern system that can transport a wide range of materials


  Feed Industries

  Pharmaceutical Industries

  Chemical Industries

  Cement Industries

  Plastic Industries

  Paints and pigments



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