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Vacuum conveying system is an easy method to transfer various types of products like powder, granuals, with less spillage than other systems. Vacuum conveyors use in wide range of industries, including chemicals, foods and beverages, etc..

Vacuum conveying system

Benefits of Vacuum Conveying System:

ALTOMECH Vacuum Conveyor and Vacuum Conveying Systems transport the most diverse materials such as powder, dust, pigments, lakes, granulated material, tablets, capsules, small parts etc. in a suction air stream under vacuum through hoses or pipes. From fine dust with only 0.5 grain size up to plastic caps for medical infusions. From the lightest filling agents with only 0.05 kg/m3 up to metal powders with bulk density 10 and above. Our conveying system are easy to install and operate. Even if leakages occur, no product can get into the environment because of the vacuum.


  Easy maintenance

Designed for sanitary applications

Easier to clean than conventional vacuum conveying System equipment


  Feed Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries

Chemical industries

Cement industries

Plastic Industries

Paints and pigments



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